Anne-Mie Misplon


Anne-Mie Misplon was born in West-Rozebeke in 1963. There was the origin of her atypical course. After her artistic studies in Ghent, she was an exchange student in Bulgaria. In Sofia she met Samba from Senegal and that was the beginning of her Senegal story and of the construction of Villa MangalBaali in Nianing, an African village in Senegal on the Atlantic Ocean.

After her foreign exchange programs, Anne-Mie had a very varied professional career in Belgium. At the end of 2017 she followed the coaching program “Dreamers who Do.” And so her dream and mission became clear: “Organize social and cultural activities in a multicultural environment that create encounters between people and improve the living conditions of that environment”.

KinkeliBa npo was born at the end of 2018. Meanwhile, Anne-Mie is busy realizing her dream: the foundation of KinkeliBa npo, supporting socio-cultural projects in Senegal,  and the organization of KinkeliBa weeks in Senegal, including Yoga-, Art-, DisCover- and TrajectAfrica. Anne-Mie is co-founder and director of KinkeliBa npo. During the KinkeliBa weeks, she is committed to Senegalese hospitality (= teranga).

Socio-cultural project

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