KinkeliBa npo

KinkeliBa npo aims to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of Nianing (Senegal) and the surrounding areas, notably by developing social and cultural activities, promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the creation of jobs. In addition, the association wants to contribute to the reduction of the level of poverty, contribute to the autonomy of the population and offer the local population access to social and cultural activities.

Everyone has the right to work, the right to lead a decent life and to enjoy good living conditions without poverty. The non-profit association KinkeliBa subscribes to the objectives of the world of development (SDG), namely:

SDG 1: no poverty

SDG 3: good health and well-being

SDG 7: affordable and clean energy

SDG 8: decent work and economic growth

SDG 17: partnership for the goals


Socio-cultural project

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