KinkeliBa npo organizes KinkeliBa-Weeks: YogAfrika, ArtAfrika, TrajectAfrika, … in Nianing, Senegal. The profits are used to finance KinkeliBa npo. These weeks are weeks of “experience” in which activities such as yoga, art workshops and coaching are shared with Nianing inhabitants. These are weeks of discovery, meeting and exchange. We want to promote intercultural dialogue through the KinkeliBa weeks. If you want to discover Senegal differently, KinkeliBa weeks are for you!

Curious to know what Senegal really feels, curious to know the population, its culture and its nature, curious to know the Senegalese cuisine, to reach the Senegalese atmosphere (Teranga = hospitality)? Then choose one of the KinkeliBa weeks below and contact us for more information.

Kinkeliba is a shrub in Senegal, the tea is made from leaves that you can taste during one of our weeks-KinkeliBa 🙂


Socio-cultural project

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