Socio-cultural project in Nianing


The socio-cultural project in Nianing was born through the contacts with the residents of Nianing. Their stories of the closure of two tourist centers and the impact of high unemployment and poverty are the triggers to do something about these problems for and with the people of Nianing.

We want to offer opportunities through a range of social and cultural activities and projects. We want to promote entrepreneurship and support job creation projects. We want to help realize the dream of young people and women for a better life and for more autonomy.


Kinkeliba npo will, in partnership with the residents of Nianing, build a socio-cultural center with a library, a play library, an open-air theater and a multipurpose space for training, education and coaching.


In the meantime, consultations have been held with “le chef du village” and with “the municipal authorities of Nianing”. Our project was positively received and we were promised cooperation in its realization. We are also in the process of establishing, in collaboration with the residents of Nianing, a “petit comité” that will later be transformed into an association that will manage the socio-cultural project from Nianing.

Commune de Nianing

In July 2020 we received approval from “Wilde Ganzen” & “Partin” from the Netherlands for the first phase of the construction of the socio-cultural center in Nianing. In the meantime, in partnership with the residents and the government of Nianing, we are preparing everything for the start of construction.

Construction phases:
2020: phase 1: construction of fence walls, construction of utilities, plans with architect and laying the foundation stone
2021: phase 2: building library, toy library, multipurpose room and offices
2022: phase 3: construction of open-air theater, kitchen, cafeteria and garden


Nianing is on the road from M’bour to Joal-Fadiouth. It was once a major commercial port (cotton, peanuts). Fisheries are the main source of income, followed by livestock, agriculture, trade and tourism.

Until recently, the Domain of Nianing was a beautiful tourist complex in a beautiful park. Unfortunately the estate closed in 2015. The majority of the 350 employees, from Nianing, lost their jobs. Club Aldjana met the same fate and the consequences for employment in the region and especially for Nianing were and are disastrous.

Socio-cultural project

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