Nianing was once a large commercial port (cotton, peanut). The village is on the main road that goes from M’bour to Joal-Fadiouth. Nianing is part of the rural community of Malicounda in the department of M’bour (Thiès region).

According to PEPAM (Millennium Drinking Water and Sanitation Program), Nianing has 6,448 inhabitants and 736 households. The population is predominantly serer, often Catholic [NOTE: the rise of the Muslim religion (of Salafist orientation) in the region].

Fishing is the first local resource, followed by livestock, agriculture, trade and now tourism. The tourist area of ​​Nianing was until recently a beautiful tourist complex located in a beautiful park.

Unfortunately, the estate closed in 2015. The reasons for this closure, in a global context marked by the crisis, are linked to a productivity deficit and a decline in tourist numbers.

There were 350 employees including the majority of Nianing people. Club Aldjana, equivalent to Club Med, had the same fate. The consequences for employment in the region and especially for Nianing are disastrous. Contacts with the people of Nianing and their stories about the closure of two tourist centers in Nianing made us realize that unemployment and poverty are causing serious problems for the people of Nianing and the surrounding area. Our project wants to take action to deal with this distress of the inhabitants of Nianing in order to help to offer them possibilities of developments locally and to avoid the exodus of young people who are otherwise led to leave Nianing for Dakar or to destinations more distant, and for some, to Europe.

Socio-cultural project

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