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At the end of 2017 I met Hilde Helsen, from TRAJECTUM. A few weeks later I received a mysterious text message from her: “If I can do something for you, let me know”. So, I thought: what can she do for me?

A year later, that mystery was solved thanks to her coaching, thanks to the “DREAMERS who DO” trajectory that I followed with her. She also wrote a book with the same title. Hilde has meanwhile meant a lot to me. I am very grateful to her for the professional coaching in clarifying and realizing my dream: the foundation of KinkeliBa npo, supporting socio-cultural projects in Senegal and the organization of KinkeliBa-weeks.

In January (23-30 / 01/2020), TRAJECTUM is organizing a KinkeliBa week together with vzw KinkeliBa in Nianing in Senegal, TRAJECTAFRICA.


Are you looking for help to realize your own dream, to help realize someone else’s dream, to realize a collective dream? Then TRAJECTAFRICA is for you! It is a group session of one week of intensive and interactive coaching based on the book DREAMERS who DO.

TRAJECTAFRICA is a unique experience and brings together international and local participants. Your participation at this week allows a resident of Nianing to follow the same journey at the same time.

Anne-Mie Misplon

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Socio-cultural project

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